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Dating Checklist

Dating doesn’t have to be hard. There are millions of single people in the world looking for a companion but most of them pass each other over, not even realizing what’s in front of them. Sure, maybe your geographic location is a lot smaller, making your selection slimmer, but if you keep an open mind then the right one will come along.

Check out the Checklist!

The first thing you need to do is re-evaluate your checklist. Too many times we box ourselves in because we have a type and a “standard”. When you do this, you immediately eliminate tons of people who might be a good match for you but you’ll never know because you don’t give them a second glance. You want a guy with a good education? Maybe that construction worker you see at the coffee shop every morning, dirty from head to toe, has his Masters Degree– but you’ve judged him by his appearance and you won’t even give him a chance because he’s “not what you’re looking for”.

While creating a list of what you want in your soul mate is an invaluable tool, you also have to be open to seeing your list with fresh eyes from time to time. Putting the qualities you want in a man out into the universe is never a bad idea, but a better idea would be listing off what you want in a relationship.

Knowing you have real standards and won’t just date any guy who hits on you shows that you have confidence and a grasp on who you are but if you’re finding trouble meeting someone who matches all your criteria, you need to stop looking at the superficial and start seeing what someone can really offer you. Maybe you want someone active who will hike with you every Sunday but you just can’t seem to find anyone who hikes. Stop focusing on people who hike and broaden your horizons to those that are active.

Start listening. Open your ears and open your mind. If you stop focusing so much on getting your needs met and instead, start taking a few minutes to actually hear what the person across from you is saying, you’ll be surprised. Instead of tuning out the guy who has never been on a hike in his life, keep an open mind. You might find out that he’s actually really active and is very willing to see what hiking is all about.
Yes, dating can be frustrating and you will kiss a lot of frogs but remember that it all makes for a good story. Stop dating with such a mission and start having fun. Dating shouldn’t be strenuous and it shouldn’t be like going on an interview. When you stop being so serious about it you’ll see the bright side to it and start loosening up. There’s nothing worse than being on a date with someone who is more interested in checking off her list, than actually getting to know who’s in front of them. Don’t be that person!

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