Writing a Travel Online Dating Profile? Here’s how.

Completing the details that come with an online dating profile is pretty self explanatory right? If you have joined a specialist dating site then actually the process is very different from that of a regular dating site. There’s loads of similar fields like age, height and so on that you’ll need to complete but after that your profile takes on a very different spin. Take a travel dating site for example. The goal here is to communicate your desires to travel and attract someone who want’s to do the same thing with someone.

So what should a travel profile look like? Let’s break it down.

Online dating travel photo’s.

Travel photo’s will probably make up a big part of your profile. Here at Only Dates we allow you to upload 10 photos showcasing your lifestyle – or in this case your best holiday snaps.

Your main profile picture should show you from about mid-body upwards. There’s nothing wrong however with having a stunning destination behind you. Pictures of the Eiffel Tower or sailing around the world will only help showcase your travel addiction. Setting is everything when it comes to travel and the same should apply when adding photos.

Be specific about destinations.

No one walks into their local brand of Thomas Cook and say’s “Hi, here’s a load of money. I don’t care where I go just send me there”. We like destinations that we fancy going to. For some that’s an adventure holiday in a jungle and for others it’s a beautiful pool overlooking a nice beach. Travelling means different things to different people so having a few ‘give away’ clues in your profile will help you to attract the right type of traveller.

Relax and enjoy it

Online dating can be a scary prospect, especially if you’ve never done it before.. Even if you are ready to meet ‘the one’ it’s probably a good idea to allow the conversation to take a light hearted approach at first. The heavy stuff can wait for when you are actually dating.

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