Would you date someone outspoken like Katie Hopkins?

Dating Katie Hopkins

UK TV show “This Morning” recently held a debate live on air with show hosts Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby and guests Katie Hopkins and Sonia Poulton. The debate was about obese children. For those of you who don’t know Katie she can be rather outspoken and viewed the opinion that children should just be told “Their fat!” Naturally the show turned into a shouting match from there on in. Our question is – would you date someone outspoken or would you be embarrassed by them?

A little about Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins first graced UK television screens whilst appearing on The Apprentice – a show where a group of professionals tackle challenges to win a job at the end of the competition. Katie was outspoken from the start and actually turned down the offer once she’d won the challenge. Katie is a single mother (who might have to join our site to find a date) is an attractive blonde and known for her loud mouth – would you date her?

What are the advantages to dating outspoken people?

There must be advantages to dating outspoken people right? I think it’s got to be the one liners that come out. Yep – sometimes you are going to be taken aback but I’m sure you can imagine a time when they’d be so funny you’d be on the floor laughing.

Dating outspoken people – the disadvantages.

After speaking in the office I’ve discovered that quite a few people would avoid dating outspoken people. Why? Well we think that their approach at events like a friends wedding, dinner parties or that initial introduction to friends might be a lot for people to take in and thus the average person might be a little embarrassed.

It appears that there are some situations that you can’t recover from. Do you think Katie has trouble finding a date because she’s outspoken or does that make her more interesting? Where do you sit? Would you go for the outspoken daters or play it safe?

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