Why You Shouldn’t Rush Into a Relationship, Even if You Really Like Him

dont rush a relationship even if you like him

If you’ve just started dating a guy you really like, let the nature of your relationship unfold naturally instead of rushing into a premature relationship. Rushing will cause you to:

Miss red flags

When you rush from dating into a relationship, you won’t see the person for who he really is. Because you’re wearing rose-colored glasses, you see what you want to see and read into things that aren’t there. In the process, you’ll miss red flags that are harmful and don’t exist in a normal and healthy relationship.

Create a false sense of intimacy

When you rush from dating into a relationship, you’ll have sex too soon. The oxytocin that comes from sex will have thinking you really like him when it’s actually lust you feel. You’ll mistake physical intimacy as a deep connection and think there’s more between the two of you than there really is.

Appear desperate

When you rush from dating into a relationship, you’ll tend to say and do things so that he likes you. This will cause you to seem desperate; the energy of desperation is never attractive. Continuing down the path of saying and doing things for a guy to want you will make you his doormat instead of dream girl.

Push for something that’s not meant to be

When you rush from dating into a relationship, you force something that may not be in your best interest. By not allowing things to progress naturally, you send the message that you don’t trust in God, the Universe or higher power to bring you the man you’re meant to be with. Some reasons you may force things is if you have a crush on him, thinking there may not be anyone better out there, your biological clock is ticking, etc.

Close yourself off to better options

When you rush from dating into a relationship, because you’re tired of being single or all of your friends are in a relationship, you close yourself off to better options. These reasons fall into approaching love from scarcity. Guys with red flags will show up in your life from scarcity while upstanding high quality men will show up when you approach love from abundance. Approaching love from abundance means embracing your singleness despite your friends’ relationship status, and living life fully while taking action to attract the love you desire.

Slow Down and Relax

Take the time to get to know each other and learn if you’re actually right for each other. Doing so will help you travel to love with less stress and more ease.

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