What will GTA do to your relationship?

When a big new game comes to the market, there is always a huge buzz that absorbs all the eager gamers. Many will want to be the first to get the game as soon as it gets released and will queue for hours in the early hours, just to get it. It is usually those same people who will want to play the game as much as they can to try and complete it as soon as possible.

This can have an effect not only on those playing the game, but also on those who live with them. Many can feel left out and ignored by the people engulfed in their game, and so it is not too surprising that some may feel that they wish to leave that relationship.

● GTA 5

This has been a hotly anticipated game for some time. There has also been a lot of anticipation about GTA Online which was released at the same time. Between the two, this means that there is a lot of opportunity for gamers to play for long hours.

The problem can occur when they live with people who are not as much of a fan of gaming as they are. This can of course cause many problems especially if there is not compromise reached.

● New Relationships

These types of problems can cause women who are in these sorts of relationships to decide that they no longer want to be a part of it. This means that they decide to leave that relationship, and seek another with someone who does not have the same traits.

For a few people, the world of online dating may be a good option. Online dating is becoming more popular and is considered by some to be much easier. There may be a number of women who because of games like GTA 5 and GTA Online, decide that the time has come for a change in their lives. This may lead to an increase at times like the release of big games, for women to turn to online dating in pursuit of a new relationship.

Its clear that gaming does have its fans and its detractors, just as other fan based activities such as soccer or football. And it is also clear that for some, those fan based activities are the cause of their relationships to suffer and ultimately fail.

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