What to do when she says she has a boyfriend

What to do when she says she has a boyfriend

Don’t you just hate it when that happens? You kick it off sooo nicely with this girl and, out of nowhere, she hits you:

I have a boyfriend!

Sometimes you don’t even ask or make a move on her.

Why do women do this? There are a lot of reasons why girls say they have boyfriends. The biggest one is that, some of the times, they do have one.

But you don’t really know that for sure. More often than not, they just flat out lie either because they feel important, because they want to test you, or just because they don’t really like you.

Regardless, you can’t be sure what the reason is. Some women want to sound challenging even though they look serious. The best way is for you to assume they’re just testing you and that they are, in fact, single. Here’s how to do it.

When she mentions a boyfriend, the last thing you want is to look surprised. She’ll lose every trace of attraction she may have for you. If she’s lying, she’s probably doing it for her own protection. You can’t expect a quality girl to give her number that easily, do you?

Instead of being surprised, how about you act like you were expecting it? This will sub communicate that you think she’s a quality girl since there’s no surprise she’s take. Now, this doesn’t mean she actually is, just that she wants you to think that.

The first time she mentions the boyfriend, just pretend you didn’t hear her. Just keep talking about something else, act cool, and don’t be a jerk or offend her. This is definitely not the time to give her negative compliments.

The second time she mentions him, you can’t ignore the whole deal anymore. There are several ways to handle this.

Number 1: show some compassion. Agree that if she has a man in her life, you’re the last person to come and break them up. Then keep talking about whatever it was you were talking.

Number 2: put her in a bad spot. There are several disadvantages to having a boyfriend and make sure you stress them out loud and clear. Sometimes, being blunt works miracles.

  1. She can’t see other guys as the sea is plenty of fish
  2. She can always do better (i.e. you): she can always find a taller, funnier guy with a bigger dick. Of course, you have to be a little more subtle when talking like that with girls but… you get the idea. All you have to do is hint that she do better… and she’ll believe you!

Number 3: disqualify yourself. If you flat out tell her what a bad boyfriend you are, her levels of attraction will skyrocket.

Example: Me? Nah, I’m a lousy boyfriend. I never vacuum, I never call back and I drink 10 cans a beer a day. I’m sure you’re actually boyfriend is really nice, though. I’m not here to break you up, I’m just talking and having fun.

Number 4: make fun of her. This will preserve your social value and release some tension from the conversation. For all you know, she might WANT you to not care about her boyfriend. She might be scared that you’ll walk away when you find out about him. So don’t give up just as soon as you hear it until you find out the exact social situation.


You have a boyfriend? What is this a popularity contest? I have friends as well. J

A boyfriend? That’s cool, he can come to our first date too. But he can’t sit at our table, though. What he CAN do is pay the bill at the end.

Remember that you’re already past the opening line, she’s talking to you which means there’s a little bit of interest there. Plus, your social anxiety should be zero.

This can only mean one thing: you can deal with the boyfriend objection in any way that you want… just as long as you feel congruent when you say it. And there are only 2 factors to consider when deciding how to react to this:

  1. Her
  2. You

You have all the options right here. What I advise is that you try all of them several times, try to see with your mind’s eye what will work and what wouldn’t… and, most important of all, don’t give up just because it didn’t work the first time.

I’d appreciate if you told me your experience with girls who told you they had boyfriends. Just write a comment below.

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