Unnatural selection: the best ways to meet singles in England

the best ways to meet singles in England

Here is a brief list of the obvious but not necessarily the best ways to meet singles in England: Online Singles Sites, Speed dating, Singles nights, through friends/family/work, Lonely Hearts columns, Clubs/Teams/Festivals/Gigs/Events…

Now, although these ways prove successful for many people, I’m not going to advocate them as the best ways to meet singles in England. Nor am I going to tell you that Mr/Miss Right is located in some untapped county, like drilling oil or mining gold. I’m not going to advise you on the best specific means by which to meet potential partners at all – I’m not going to promote ways in which to look for anyone.

Please, pursue new and varied interests, step outside your comfort zone and expand your horizons; but don’t participate in any activity you’ve no explicit interest in pursuing for its own sake. Don’t undertake any endeavour exclusively to find singles. Do it for yourself alone.

Start interacting with the world

Put the search to the back of your mind; forget about it entirely. What are the best ways to meet singles in England? By focusing on yourself. Living is about loving, but love is not confined to nor dominated by romantic love; love takes innumerable, delicious forms and it’s expressed in a thousand wonderfully diverse of ways. The secret to life/love is to discover and pursue what makes you happy. Explore what excites and stimulates you as an individual.

You are the untapped resource

As long as your means of deriving joy harms no one, then embrace it; take the plunge and skydive, learn a foreign language, spend your free time in pursuit of being all you can be. The best ways to meet singles in England centre on the search for personal fulfilment and a recognition that you can be whomever you desire. Resolve to have a multitude of new experiences – all of which will inform you as a person and partner – and during the course of following your curiosity, love, in one, if not many forms, will manifest.


The best ways to meet singles in England don’t involve shoe horning situations to find love into your life. I’m not suggesting you ignore opportunities, or become insufferably self-centred – far from it – but while you can, be the priority in your own life. Being proactive and open to love (and a committed relationship) is essential and admirable; but dogged intension and a blinkered, determined mindset results in despondency, frustration and desperation – and is often the cause of poor relationship/partner choices. Don’t wearily commit to an unsuitable partner because they’re the best of the bad bunch you encountered in your furious search. You’re far better off single, actively engaging with life and gaining from new experiences than settling for someone that doesn’t make your soul soar.

The best ways to meet singles in England

Determine who you are, follow your bliss; invest in yourself and the qualities you thought essential in a potential partner may alter entirely as your self-knowledge grows. Realize passions, uncover talents, accomplish goals and make new friends – the possibilities are infinite.

Make the ride as fun as possible, trusting that everything happens in it’s own time – if you remain open to the possibilities. Get as much out of this life as you can, be the best version of yourself possible, and meeting your match wont feel anywhere near as relentless, hopeless or important.

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