Top Five Rainy Day Dates

top 5 wet date ideas

Here’s 5 great rainy day dates from Nana Wereko-Brobby from Social Concierge. If you are stuck for a great idea then the first recommendations below will really help you out.

Emergency Noodle Shop:Bone Daddies

There’s something sexy and heart-warming about seeing your date slurp up a hot steaming bowl of noodles. Noodle shop dates are casual and messy affairs, perfect for setting a tone of cosy hugs and domestic bliss. They warm you up, get you sleepy and ensure that you’ll be back in bed snuggling, or otherwise, very soon.

Recommendation:  In London, the best of the bunch is Bone Daddies, who do a rich, creamy and rather fatty Tantanmen. Or make it at home.

Box Set Sync:

When you were out of the dating game you came home after a long day of work, plugged into your laptop and carried on watching whichever series was gripping you. Then you met someone and sadly realised that whilst they were 7 episodes into Breaking Bad, you were eyeball deep in Homeland. Well, here’s a romantic thought. Sacrifice your current series and collectively decide on a box set to start on from scratch. Not only is it a kooky way to signify a new beginning  but it also means that, for at least the next couple of months, you have a fallback pursuit.

Recommendation: The Sopranos or Six Feet Under are solid options for both genders.

Boozy Cinema Double Bill:

Cinema dates can be awkward, but the second you introduce a bottle of red to the scenario, they are frankly fantastic. Meet at least 30 minutes before the film so you can catch up first. Buy a bottle of wine for the first film. By the rolling credits you’ll be tipsy, so make the most of the half-time break to go outside for fresh air or fags. It will feel romantic as hell watching the droplets fall so take this moment to go in for a kiss. Head back with salty snacks and more wine. Chat and make out in the back row and pour yourselves out of the second film.

Recommendation: Riverside Studios in Hammersmith shows double bills throughout the week and weekend, and boasts a well-stocked bar and excellent restaurant.

Rack Up a Tab:The Blue Bar

What are hotel bars for if not for wasting hard-earned cash. Escape the rain to sit in an armchair or cosy up at a banquette in the grand old bar. Ignore the eye-watering prices and spend the afternoon ordering to the table – first cocktails, then wine and perhaps the odd beaker of water, for form’s sake. Ask them to call you a taxi 5/6 hours later, split the bill and flounce out of there like a Rockefeller would.

Recommendation: The Blue Bar at the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge and the Donovan bar at Brown’s are quiet, cosy and decadent.


Sex appeal aside, there should be the promise of a friendship with the person you’re dating. A rainy day or night can be perfect territory for staying in the house and, like little kids, coming up with projects to do together. Some couples like to read to each other, taking it in turns to swap between their books. Others like to DIY sloppily with beers or plan elaborate holidays they may never take. When you co-project, the focus is taken off incessant seduction and you have a chance to bond creatively, like true friends.

Recommendation: Anything by Fitzgerald or Nabokov. Failing that, have some fun with Roald Dahl.

Nana Wereko-Brobby is a London-based date concierge, running members only dating agency Social Concierge. She organises supperclubs, cocktail parties and blind dates for members in London, as well as creating date night itineraries for singles and couples.

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