The perfect profile photo: 5 tips

The perfect profile photo

First impressions are very important, particularly in the case of online dating. Your profile is the first thing your partner sees, so it’s vital that you’re nothing less than picture perfect.

However, achieving the perfect picture is not easy. Even models have to work at getting the picture right.

Whilst there’s more to you than just your photo, it is one of the first points of interest on a dating profile. It is after all, your profile picture that comes up in searches and makes you decide whether you’ll click to read more.

These top 5 tips for the perfect profile photo will not guarantee your success in the singles market. It can only help you on your way to finding the special someone who cares more about you (as a person), than how you look in a profile picture.

Be as natural and realistic looking as possible

Photos that are too posed or too ‘photoshopped’ give off the impression that you are fake in your appearance. Avoid using instagram photos that have been altered to crazy settings like Hudson, lo-fi, or western. Besides, nothing would be worse than for your date to not be able to recognize you when it comes to the first face-to-face date, so make sure the photo is fairly recent.

Be friendly

A general rule of thumb I apply to every relationship and initial interaction: Kind eyes and a nice smile will get you far. Serious, somber-like, and artistic photos can be pretty and attractive, but you want to be seen as approachable!

Care about what you wear

It’s not an interview, but it might as well be when it comes to your overall general presentation. Funny shirts might come off as offensive and anything too showy or see through could be misconstrued.

Show you’re single

Leave others out of the photo and show that you’re single. I usually like a photo with friends and family, but any profile photo containing the opposite gender can be misleading. If the only photo you have is with your ex, make sure you crop him or her out.

Engage in an activity or a hobby

Instead of using a professional headshot, try a photo where the viewer can learn something about you. Action shots, such as engaging in sport, or scenic backdrops from recent travels, provide for a much more interesting profile photo. can connect you to over 3.5 million singles in the UK and with our blog you don't have to go far to get the best dating advice on the interweb!

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