The Bad Boy Thing Gets Old

the bad boy thing gets old

Most of us have been there at one point or another: falling for the bad boy and maybe even calling him your own for a while. But the bad boy thing gets old and you can only tame someone who doesn’t want to be tamed, for so long.

Often time it’s the chase that initially intrigues us most. We see this guy who we know will never settle down and we make it our mission to break him. We want to be THAT girl to see his soft side. We want to be the one he chooses and the more he pulls away, the more we need him. We can’t understand why he’s nice one day then totally MIA for the next week. So we chase and we fall and when we finally get through to him it’s like winning an amazing reward. We feel special, as if we actually shattered a huge barrier, only to realize later that the walls never broke down after all.

The Bad Boy Thing Gets Old Fast!

Sometimes we fall in love with the bad boy. We become a real couple (or maybe he never truly commits) and maybe it lasts for a real long time. We see the signs along the way but we choose to ignore them because we think we’ve finally found Mr. Right. We make excuses when he lies, we let it slide when he misses important commitments, and we forget about the times he just doesn’t give a shit about us. We allow ourselves to get played but we don’t even realize the twisted games we become entwined in. The bad boy just has a way of making us believe it will all be okay.

The bad boy is a conniving human being. He may not even know how deceitful and undermining he is which is why we stick around, protecting his name from those outsiders who don’t see him when he is at his most vulnerable. We feel like we have seen his “good” side and we truly believe it outweighs his “bad” side. It doesn’t.
Sooner or later you’ll realize that you’ve been canoodling with a bad boy and that he will never truly be able to give you all you want…or need. It’s not saying he never liked you, or maybe even loved you, but he will never be the man you need him to be, simply because he is only a boy at heart; a cold boy who wants to love but doesn’t know how to show it. It’s not your job anymore to teach him how to display his affection. It was never your job.

So, instead, find yourself a Good Man. A man who treats you right and knows you are special. A man who doesn’t take you for granted and can own up to his mistakes (instead of lying or putting the blame back on you). A good man will never make you question yourself or your relationship the way the bad boys do. A good man will look for ways to better himself and your relationship and will want to show you off the world. The bad boy thing gets old but the good man thing? Well that’s comparable to a fine wine.

Drink up,
The Love Hawk

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