How Your Sex Life Doesn’t Have to Suffer When You’re Single

How Your Sex Life Doesn’t Have to Suffer When You’re Single

How Sex By Yourself Can Be The Best You’ve Ever Had

People used to dread being single, thinking that their sex life wouldn’t be satisfying. Well, thanks to some battery operated friends, that’s no longer the case!

Being a singleton can feel like being left on the scrapheap, with all of your married and taken friends having very active sex lives. Come the weekend when you are all on your own, it can be easy to feel a little down in the dumps. Well stop right there! There’s no need to mope if you’re a long ranger, there’s loads of fun to be had, both in and out of the bedroom! This guide will show you how it’s possible to have a fulfilling sex life without the need for a partner. So uncork a bottle of wine, sit back and read on…

Going solo

It’s a common misconception to think that couples are all having really fantastic sex. More often than not, as the passion in a relationship dwindles, sex can seem more like a chore than something to look forward to. So that’s where you singletons have the advantage! It doesn’t matter if you are not planning to be single for long or if you are still searching for the one – a little bit of self-love will help you to discover exactly what you like in the bedroom. There’s no shortage of things to explore on this journey of self-discovery, from what toys you like to what kind of stimulation gets you reaching the big O. So how do you go about becoming an expert in what makes you tick?

Toys for herSex Toys For Her to Play with

Toys are a must have for any pleasure seeking singleton. There are a huge number on the market, for both men and women – so no one needs to feel left out! For the ladies, there are powerful vibrators such as the discreet and petite Oui Palm Mini Massager (perfect to pop in your handbag!), or the impressively proportioned Gushing Rabbit Vibrator, with its seven powerful settings and realistic ejaculating function. Pussy Pumps may seem a little daunting to begin with but the heightened sensation will allow you to reach a climax like never before! There’s even the HiBeam Vibrating Nipple Pumps, perfect for when you want to lavish attention on those other erogenous zones.

Toys for him

Don’t worry boys, we haven’t forgotten about you! For a toy that is tiny but delivers amazing results, you can rely on the Durex Play Vibrations cock ring to deliver. Perfect for adding a little fun to your solo play, it’s a must buy! Or there’s the Beaded Stroke Master masturbator, and the even more tantalising Carmen Luvana Vibrating Pussy And Ass – perfect for the man who wants his alone time to be intensely satisfying. Who said that girls get to have all the fun?!

Now for some alone time!

When you’ve got your toy to hand, prepare for some very sexy alone time. It’s important to have an evening where you will be totally undisturbed – so that you can get to know yourself in the most intimate of ways. A lot of people go through a lifetime of sex without really knowing what they like, so consider this some very homework! Once you’ve improved your knowledge of what makes you tick, a little self-loving will be all that you need to be satisfied. The best thing about sex with yourself? The no make-up or scruffy tracksuit look is totally allowed, so make yourself as comfortable as you like!

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