Play With Your Food, And Other Ways To Date Like A Child

Date Like A Child

As I was coming home from yet another nice but not earth-shaking first online date, I reflected on how polite and routine these meetings had become. Same story every time, we meet at a café or bar, shake hands (or give a polite peck on the cheek if we’re feeling up to it), sit and chat nicely for about an hour. Then we go home and wonder why that date felt so bland and boring. It’s no wonder online dates rarely get past date one! I’m thinking now that maybe we just all need to date like a child. I don’t mean that we should throw tantrums or be immature (although I’ve been on dates where I WANTED to do that…:). No, I mean we should make it a point to rediscover the wonder of being a little silly sometimes.

Next first date, try a few of these ideas.

Play with your food.

Meet at an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor for your first date. Better yet, find a place that lets you build your own ice-cream creation. Nothing like this near you? Meet at the market and buy your ice-cream building supplies, then find a park with picnic tables and go to town!

Be A Swinger

Forget the wine bar and head to the playground for your date. Do you remember how much fun it is to sail through the air on the swings? Try to make your date dizzy on the merry-go-round, play in the sandbox. Let your inner kid come out to play.

Play Games

Find a video arcade and go mano-a-mano on the video games. Check online to find a restaurant that caters to families. Many times they’ll have a games area where you can find video games and other kid-friendly amusements.

So, what’s the point of all this playtime? When you let your inner-child out to play you’re happy and relaxed. It lets your real personalities shine through because you’re not worrying about how you look, or what your date thinks of you. You’re also not focusing on that mental assessment that we ALL do when we meet someone new.

Having a “date like a child” first date is a fun and goofy way for you and your date to let your hair down, and sometimes that’s just what we need to break out of the boring first date routine. So…get out there and do something childish!

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