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Do you like to indulge yourself in culture and class? How about experiencing new things? Wanting to share those experiences with a special someone? Well, grab your date and book a trip to the theatre, with a variety of different shows available, you will be spoilt for choice.

Take a trip to the Theatre

The great thing about the theatre is that it is never the same; you can never get bored of it. I am a huge fan of the theatre; I think it’s a magical place that allows you to enter different worlds. It has this contagious energy, when you have been once you will want to return again and again. The theatre is also a massive conversation booster; it brings people together by creating debates and discussions.

Now, you’re probably thinking about what to watch. Well I’m going to fill you in on some of my favourite performances. If you are looking for something to tap your feet to, then I would recommend Billy Elliot, jam packed with jaw dropping dance moves and fantastic songs, it is simply amazing. It is currently playing at the Victoria palace theatre, London. Don’t miss out buy your tickets soon, it’s a must see. If you want something that is filled with drama then watch The 39 Steps, playing in Piccadilly Circus, it is equally as amazing.

If you want to step back in time and jive with the Beatles or simply want to get down and dirty with your date, then hit the West End and watch Let It Be, Dirty Dancing or The Jersey Boys.

It is not just your choice of show that is important; it is the choice of theatre too. If you are looking to impress your date then choose an older theatre, which has a history behind it such as The Old Vic, this is a 195 year old building, which holds great sentimental value. Know your facts before hand; I’m sure your date will be impressed by your knowledge.

Going to the theatre can be a very elegant occasion. It’s a great excuse to get all dressed up; how about whipping out that little black dress or that tux you have hidden away. Treat your date to a classy pre-show dinner, as your all dressed up it will be a shame not to.

Book your tickets soon! I promise that you and your date will leave not only wanting more of the theatre but more importantly wanting each other.

The Breakdown

Lauren is a 20 something Drama, Theatre and Performance studies student, who holds a great passion for theatre, film, music and travel. She loves meeting new people and in her spare time loves to review awesome places to date.

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