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Do you have the best dating blog online, know the best dating book maybe or think that a post you’ve done on your site is the best dating post EVER? Well we’d like to share you work!

Introducing the 2014 Only Dates Awards

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These awards are for everyone, dating businesses, individual bloggers (both within and outside the dating world). If you’ve got a post about dating we want to hear all about it.

There are only 4 categories and they are

  1. Best Dating Blog
  2. Best Dating Book
  3. Best Newcomer
  4. Amazing Post Award
Simple. We’re looking for the best of the best. You can submit yourself to any (or all) categories if applicable.
There’s no charge to enter these awards. All you’ll need to do is add a badge to your site to encourage people to vote for your nomination.
Anyone. You can nominate yourself if you like.The last nomination must be in our inbox by the end of 2013!

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