Looking Hot in the Cold: Your Guide to Dating in the Winter Months

How to Heat Up Your Winter

The winter is often a season we’d like to fast forward through, and get straight to the business of wowing a date in your bikini. Well wait, because winter can be sexy too!

The winter is often a hard time of year to feel sexy during. It’s the season of big coats and scarves, skin that has turned milky and pale after months without a sunny day – and don’t forget that snuffly cold that seems to come and bother you every few weeks. Yes, winter is certainly not as sexy as its sunshine-drenched sibling. So how can you make sure that the cold weather doesn’t make your dating game any less strong? Follow our handy tips and tricks to make sure that your winter is anything but freezing when it comes to all things romantic!

You can still look sexy

Yes, you may have to wrap up warm in the chilly weather, but that doesn’t mean that you have to scrimp on the sexy. Oh no! You may be wearing a scarf, coat, and around six other layers, but there’s no need to feel frumpy. Wearing some seriously sexy underwear underneath all of your clothes will take you from feeling gloomy to glam in a flash. Plus, when the time comes to undress when you get home, your partner can peel off your clothes, layer by layer, itching to see what you are wearing underneath. Your complexion often suffers during the winter season too, so it’s a good idea to bronze away and recapture some of that summer glow. Dry, chapped lips are all too common as well, and certainly don’t put many of us in the mood for kissing! A little bit of lip balm will go a long way.

There is plenty to do

Dating during the winter may mean that romantic strolls in the park are more likely to end in hypothermia than high jinks – but there are plenty of other things you can get up to instead. How about some dancing lessons to warm the pair of you up, or a candlelit meal in a fancy restaurant. If you are feeling especially romantic, a night in a hotel is a great way to keep warm but still have plenty of fun. If it has a roaring log fire and lots of blankets to get cosy under, then even better! Sometimes sex isn’t the first thing on your mind when it is freezing cold, but getting your blood pumping will have your temperature up to comfortable levels in no time at all. See? Sex is good for you during the winter!

See what’s happening near you

You may not feel like playing at the dating game much during the snowy season, but it can be a great time to meet someone special. Take the time to check and see if there are any local events in your area that would be good for meeting people – someone is bound to be alone over the festive season just like you. Just because you may have put on a few extra pounds because of all those wintery stews and soups doesn’t mean that you can’t feel sexy. Just accessories your every move with confidence, and leave those winter body hang ups out there in the cold! You never know, you could meet a special someone who raises your temperature this winter!

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