Long Distance Relationships: Real Time Tips

Long Distance Relationship Tips

In an era of global communications, world travel and ever-growing social platforms, long distance relationships will continue to become more and more common (and successful). At HEROmatchmaker.com we’re experts in long distance relationships, so consider these your insider tips, start prepping now!

  1. Know yourself. Are you needy? Dramatic? Selfish? Be honest, no one is really going to know the answer but you. Being real with yourself is key to any relationship but crucially important to one in which periods of distance and separation are going to exist. Relationships require give and take. If you are only a taker, you aren’t going to get very far. But alas, the good news for you is that it may be a perfect time for you to grow and challenge yourself a bit. If you’ve found someone that you want to be with, don’t short change yourself by passing up the challenge to make it work.
  2. Communicate. That may sound a bit facetious as communicating may be all you do for periods of time but a deeper communication than the “la de da” of daily life will ensure a real time connection and keep you bothLDR1 in check when it comes to the challenges you face as a couple in different locations. Challenges? Yes, sorry, brace yourself – there will be challenges. You will feel lonely at times. You will feel sad at times. But guess what – those moments pass and enduring them not only gives you opportunity for reflection and growth but makes the time you will have together all the more appreciated and exciting.
  3. Stay Busy.  Jobs, hobbies, parties, trips, friends – those all keep us busy. Don’t feel sorry for yourself when you’re apart. Pity parties don’t help anyone. Use periods of separation to try out new skills or a new work out routine. Take on an extra project at school or work, something to occupy your mind and time.
  4. Get Touched. All over. And enjoy it. Of course, in a way that’s healthy and supportive of a long distance relationship. How? Get a massage. A common reason for the demise of long distance relationships is the lack of physical intimacy and closeness. It gets the better of either one or both individuals, someone cheats and things get way more complicated. Humans crave touch and physical contact, so when the one you love is across the ocean or states away, rerouting primal instincts towards something benign that can help with stress reduction and overall physical and mental health, I say go for it.
  5. Have Fun. Are you a competitive couple? Challenge your significant other to a virtual game of Words with Friends. Are you the adventurous type? Create a scavenger hunt with encrypted notes that pop up via text every day, leading them to a present you hid the last time you visited. When it’s all said and done, talking, texting, and Skyping can only take up so much time. Incorporating any type of fun, engaging activities for you both the bond over, laugh about and facilitate staying in touch are important.

Erica has experienced a long distance relationship in every facet of 15-year relationship with her active duty, military spouse. They were friends, they dated, they were engaged, and they have been married with periods of separation ranging from just weeks to 15 months at a time. (No joke, 15 months– that’s a whole blog in and of itself.)

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