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Our Mission:

As one of the leading online authorities in love and relationships we are dedicated to helping bothmembers women and men to enhance their love lives. How do we do it? Simple, we connect our readers to thought-provoking articles, fantastic videos and a community platform that encourages people to connect and share.

#DateExperts are crucial to our mission:

It doesn’t matter if you are a love coach, a sex therapist or even a dating blogger, your knowledge, experience and expertise will have readers waiting to read your unique articles. You can write as often as you like, when you like.

We take Google seriously:

We take our Search Engine Optimization seriously so that we place your articles as close to the top (or the top) of Google as we can.

Simple Strategy

We want you to share your point of view with a like-minded audience and then lead people from our site to yours. You can include links in your articles, profile and comments to direct our readers to where you want them to go. Our most successful Experts are enjoying about 25 – 45 thousand unique visitors to their content each month.

Media Exposure

Many of our Experts are approached by Publishers, producers and clients alike. By reading your articles people can turn into the traffic or buyers that you are looking for.

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It is’ our aim (within a year) to produce a print magazine – how great would that be!


We want your articles to be stunning – and we all know that will help social media. The Only Dates team will put together a shoot for every single article you write – making it more shareable on the net!


Only Dates touches on everything related to dating and relationships. We’re here to offer readers multiple views on every dating subject going. And this is where you come in by writing engaging content with links back to you! The only thing we won’t allow is bad language…who wants to read that anyway?

Do Only Dates Charge a Fee?

No – it is completely free to write and promote yourself on Only Dates. We do however charge for sponsored content. But if you are willing to write and spread the word then we want you.

The Bottom Line

As you’ll find, through working together your work will gain exposure to the millions of people searching online for dating and relationship advice. Why not get in touch and let’s see what amazing things we can do together…

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