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Many women focus on their careers thinking their love life will fall into place. Are you a smart woman who is confident and decisive at work, yet uncertain and indecisive when it comes to love? Do you repeat the same relationship patterns like obsessing over details that don’t matter, asking the wrong people for advice and leading with masculine energy? Have you tried conventional methods to improve your love life only to have love elude you? I understand how frustrating, confusing and disheartening this can be, especially when you’re so successful in virtually all areas of your life.Janet Ong Head Shot

As a Relationship Coach, I coach you on freeing internal barriers so you can move forward with ease and clarity to your ideal love life. I help you create true and lasting love by breaking free from the confines of rational thought and reconnecting with your heart. Love resides in your heart and taking a heart-centred approach to love leads to a deeper and more fulfilling connection with your partner.

Where are you based?

I am based in California, United States, and coach women worldwide.

What do you love about what you do?

We all have a message to share that can help the world. These messages usually come from difficult life lessons we’ve grown from and transcended in our own lives. True love is my BIG life lesson. Love is everything and the power of love transforms lives – this is what makes the world a better place.

Because I understand what successful women go through to find love and have successfully transformed my love life as well as others, I’m passionate about helping them create and sustain lasting love! To learn about my journey to love, visit my site. My vision is that all successful women create true love with ease and clarity. May you have the love you desire and deserve!

What’s your best bit of dating advice?

Let yourself be wooed (courted) instead of dating. Dating raises uncertainty and insecurities because physical intimacy tends to happen before commitment. When you have sex before you know who that person really is and what his intentions are, it’s the exception that your encounters will turn into a healthy love relationship.
You’ll mistake lust for a deep like or love and think there’s more of a connection than there really is. Then you’ll become disappointed, sad or angry when things don’t work out.

When a man courts you, you take the time to get to know each other and develop trust. You’re both more vested in your relationship because of the time and effort you’ve put into each other. You’re physically intimate when it’s right for both of you. Courtship helps you become more clear on what matters most to you, what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable to you. With courtship, you feel cared for and respected. For more about letting yourself be wooed click here.

What else should we know?

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