Is he really into you? Top five signs he is!

he's into you

OK so from firsthand experience (ahem….I mean plenty of first dates and encounters with oodles of lovely chaps), when a guy really likes you there are a few tell, tell signs he wants you; and more than just a ‘friend’.

As the fairer sex, we will all admit that all us gorgeous girlies want is to be lusted after but in honesty ladies, let the guys do all the chasing and they’ll soon be putty in your hands.

Of course, if things have been going well, (all sweetness and spice and all things nice as the nursery rhyme goes!), then it is highly likely he is already hooked on you. But just in case you haven’t realised this just yet, here are my top five signs he wants you to be his belle:

1)    He yearns to know more about you and your life

No doubt you have spent hours chatting, flirting and getting to know one another but when a guy is keen on learning more about you, your life, your childhood, friends, family and career, it’s a sure sign he likes you, very, very much.

Men, or rather anyone to that point, have no obligation to find out more about a person, unless of course, they care or are interested in having a potential future relationship with you.

It is of course, the finer details of your life and the precious memories you share together that really get someone’s mind ticking over and make them truly ask themselves why they want to know more about you.

2)    He talks about the future (and you are part of it!)

This continues on from the last point but is even more significant. Most men will not even contemplate talking about their future, let alone mention a girl it in, if they aren’t serious about you.

The same works if he asks about your future plans and what you want from life as it shows a glimmer that he wants to be part of your life in the long term. If he is beaming smiles or shares a cheeky grin with you while he is enquiring, it could well be a giveaway that he is thinking towards the future rather than just focusing on the present.

Of course, do not delve too deeply if he doesn’t open up about such details as it may scare him off but one thing is for sure, no matter how cool they play it, guys, just like us girls, want to find that special person to settle down with and enjoy a happy, fulfilling life together; it is natural at the end of the day, so be true to yourself.

3)    He cannot get enough of your company

Does he make any excuse to be in your company or swiftly changes his plans to be able to see you? Even just for ten minutes? If so, then there is a chance that he views your relationship much more than just friendship and wants to get closer to you at any opportunity.

Unless a guy is serious about a girl rarely do they change important commitments, alter work schedules or put off seeing their mates just to hang out with a girl they aren’t really into. It means the exact opposite normally; that he really is into you and trust me when I say, if he does this, then you are one lucky girl! Although these acts may not seem significant at the time, no guy will give up his plans or spare time for a guy he doesn’t totally dig.

So, pay attention (but don’t get obsessed!) at the little changes to plans he may make as they are for you….no one else.

4)    He recalls things you have said, done or mentioned.

OK, so no guy who isn’t interested in a woman would remember all the things you have said, however important or trivial.

If you start to notice that he remembers your favourite chick flick, your favourite cocktails on a night out or your most loved TV celebrity, then you can be pretty sure he’s hooked on you!

Like I said, if a guy wasn’t interested he wouldn’t even be taking notice of what you said, so take note girls, if he seems like a keeper, then he probably is!

5)    He wants to introduce you to his friends and family

Lastly, if a guy is interested in being in a relationship with you, whether it be now or in the future, he will want you to meet the people who mean the most to him; normally his family and friends.

Not only will they already know your name, but it’s likely they will recognise you from his description of you, will know where you work and even what car you are driving before you pull up on the front drive.

Of course, if they don’t know these details beforehand, they will quickly discover all about you when he introduces you to them. Despite it being natural, try not to be nervous about such meetings, it can only be a good thing and it really is a big step for a guy.

So, go with the flow, smile, but most importantly, be true to yourself and his nearest and dearest will see for themselves the reasons he is hooked on you!

With all of this in mind, if your guy is openly showing of the above signs, then it’s pretty likely that he’s totally into you and soon (fingers crossed) you are heading for a blossoming relationship.

Sounds good, hey? Well done girly, it seems you may well have bagged yourself a keeper.

Wishing you the best of luck in your quest for love and happiness,


Hannah Chesterfield is a blogger and PR Specialist for London Speed Dating hosts, Dateinadash. A creative and bubbly soul, Hannah loves writing about all things related to the world of dating, relationships, and of course, speed dating. Keep in touch with Dateinadash on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or visit our website for more details.

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