If you’re sure better be GRYFFINDOR!

Harry Potter World

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Gryffindor or Slytherin? Find out which house your date belongs in? 

Have you ever dreamt about being a witch or wizard? Still waiting for your Hogwarts letter?  Well, for all you Harry Potter geeks out there, this is the perfect opportunity for you to share your love of witchcraft and wizardry.  Grab your date and head down to platform nine and three quarters and hop on the Hogwarts express for the most magical experience of your life.

Harry Potter World is where the magic all began, for the last decade; your favourite characters have been brought to life at Warner Brothers Studios. Now, for the first time us muggles have been granted behind the scene access to the wizarding world. From Professor Snapes potion class to the Weasley’s house, you are guaranteed an unforgettable day.

This magical world is open throughout the entire year (Lucky for us). Why not head down during Halloween season forGo for a date at Harry Potter World the ‘Ghostly goings- on’ event. You and your date will have the chance to see a live demonstration showing how the slimy troll snot or the dribbling drool from fluffys mouth was made. If that doesn’t interest you, then how about showing of your wizardry skills by fighting of the death eaters in Diagon Alley.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly? Well now is your chance. Harry Potter World offers you a unique flying experience. Why not straddle that broom with your date or jump into the Weasleys car and set off on your romantic adventure. If that doesn’t work then I’m sure Professor Snape can fix you up a love potion.

Don’t forget to leave with a little parting gift. How about matching his and her robes or perhaps matching wands?  You’ll be able to create beautiful magic together.

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