How to Write Amazing and Engaging Content for the Interweb!


Here at Only Dates we know that writing is one thing, but writing engaging content is quite another. The perfect article is one appreciated by not only the reader but also the mighty arbiter of the internet Google. This careful balancing act is not always easy to achieve, but by appealing to both you will help your articles to succeed socially and also in the Google search rankings.

In a nutshell; without Google there are no readers and without readers there is no search! As a successful blogger or business you must prioritise both your audience and your Google rankings.

Follow these Only Dates Top Tips to get your posts noticed.

1. Chose a Topic.

Take a little time thinking about what you want to write. Is there a subject you’d like to tackle? Is something happening in the news that’s worth commenting on? Taking the time to decide what you want to write will help you no end.

2. Craft the Perfect Title.

The title is THE MOST important part of your post – make sure it’s eye-catching and makes people want to click it. Your title should also include your keyword or key-phrase.

3. What’s a Keyword or Key-Phrase?

This is what you want the search engines to notice and use to categorise your post. A common keyword in the industry is Dating but imagine how many times that is typed into Googles search engine each day! Loads. A Key-Phrase is a series of keywords, something like “How to Date Smarter”. It is important to consider point 2 here though and remember you are writing for humans. A better, more engaging title would be “How To Date Smarter Starting Today”. Which title would you click?

4. Have Scannable Writing

Use eye catching (and keyword related) titles to make it easier for readers to read your post or find the part they are most interested in. Having 500 words without any breaks is not best practice and looks terrible on a screen.

5. Have a Point!

A post needs to have a point. If it’s just a title and copy people won’t engage with it.

6. Call’s to Action

Getting your readers to do something places the post in the forefront of their minds and helps them to form a deeper connection with it.

7. Quality Control Matters

Not everyone is going to like what you read but small mistakes will always be barriers for engagement. Once you’ve completed your post step away from it and then check it over at a later date.

8. Conversation and Social Interaction

Often a post comes into it’s own when it’ published and the conversation starts. Make sure you respond to comments, challenge responses and publish your article on social networks. Taking the time to promote your article in the right way will pay off big time in the end.

Following these 8 tips will only be the start of your engaging content strategy but it’s a good grounding. If you’ve discovered a strategy that’s worked please let us know in the comments below. And whilst you are there why not share this article and help make the blogging world a better place.

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