How to Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

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Being one of millions on a big online dating site can be daunting. Weeding through all of those profiles can be frustrating and discouraging. It’s far better if you can get others to message you first. If your profile stands out, you will receive a lot of messages; and even better, you’ll receive more messages from people who might be a good match for you. In our experience, this is true for both men and women. Here are some tips for creating a great profile.

1. Use the right photos

This is key. Your thumbnail photo is the first thing everyone on the site sees. It’s worth investing some time, maybe even some money, to get these right. You should have at least one close-up of your face, preferably smiling and looking friendly. There should also be at least one recent full-body shot. Avoid pics that are more than six months old, or those that include other people. Dating prospects want to know what you look like, not how many attractive friends you have.

2. Choose a good username

This can take a bit of thought. You want to avoid using your real name, or any jumble of letters and numbers. It should be easy to remember and reflect something about you. If you can incorporate humor, so much the better. This is a good place to reference a favorite hobby or interest, or something unique about you. If you need inspiration, browse profiles on the site you’re using. You’ll quickly see which names stand out and which are boring, unimaginative, or just plain silly. And avoid anything overtly sexual. No matter how clever you think you’re being, it’s been done before, many times.

3. Get your headline right

This is the short blurb that comes right after your username. This is another opportunity to say something clever about yourself. Try to avoid mentioning anything you’re looking for- “looking for Prince Charming,” and “want a good-hearted woman” have been done to death. If you’ve got a good username, you can expand on it here. It’s even okay to be a bit suggestive, in a teasing sort of way. Think of what make someone want to click on your profile instead of any others.

4. Fill in all of the information

Most dating sites have a long list of demographic information to fill in. Be sure to answer every question. This will make you appear in more search results, and ones that should be a better fit for you. In addition, people seem to assume that you’re hiding something for every space that’s left blank or marked “N/A.”

5. Focus on selling yourself

All sites will provide plenty of space for you to write about yourself. A lot of people  misuse this space to rant about the general unsuitability of people on the site, or provide a laundry list of things they’re looking for in a partner. None of this is at all impressive to a person who is interested in who you are.  This is where you get the chance to talk about your interests and what you want from life. If you feel you have a lot to offer a date, then say so, and say what it is. Don’t be afraid to showcase your good qualities.

Following the above steps will take a little more time than the average person spends on their dating profile. But by taking this time, you will set yourself apart from all of the average people out there, and create a profile that will make those who see it want to get to know you a lot better.

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