Holiday Hook Ups

Holiday Hook Ups

‘Tis the season to be jolly.  Perhaps that’s why people take their newfound friendliness to the bedroom.  A poll taken in 2011 states 60% of people hook up more around the holidays than any other time of year –  many using holiday parties as a vehicle to do so. Probable culprits include wintry weather, stress, and all that damn caroling. Whatever the reason, there are some things you might want to consider before bringing “joy to the world” in the janitor’s closet.

Holiday Hook Ups

Are you lonely? Charles Dickens said it best – “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.  Spending time with family and friends are a wonderful part of the holiday season.  However, not everyone has the luxury of being with loved ones.  Even if they do, that doesn’t necessarily compare to the warmth and comfort that only a romantic partner can provide.  The holidays can be incredibly lonely for some resulting in non-committal sexual encounters.

Survival of the fittest (hunters) – Holiday horniness is no secret.  Because of that, some people count on it to get laid.  This behavior is not exclusive to holidays.  Hunters are also the people who attend weddings and funerals (yes funerals) in hopes of embarking upon new sexual conquests.  A twisted mix of desperation and the thrill of the chase fuel these types. Nonetheless, you should probably avoid professional hook up artists.  Who knows where they’ve been inserting their holiday cheer?

Egg nog – Booze flows freely through most holiday celebrations, and is generally a contributing factor to random sexcapades.  Unfortunately, rational decision making can be impacted as well, resulting in reckless behavior.  Is one night of drunken sex really worth long term consequences? Keep that in mind the next time you’re dancing on a table wearing a lampshade as an accessory.  Then again, it might be too late at that point.

The decision to hook up during the holiday season is yours and yours alone.  It might be worth it to first consider your motivations before taking the plunge.  If you’re lonely, will a fling provide genuine companionship?  If you’re drunk, will you regret your decision in the morning?  In addition, thoughtful consideration could help you find suitable alternatives to occupy your time.  Whatever the outcome, remember that protecting yourself is of utmost importance.

Happy holidays & happy smooching!

Veronica Dasher is a blogger and aspiring author. Entertaining her friends with stories of failed pick-ups and relationships gone wrong quickly became one of her favorite pastimes. One divorce, eleven years of bad dating experiences and hundreds of empty ice cream cartons later, she had an epiphany – why not share these life lessons with the world? Smoochingfrogs is the newest dating blog complete with hilarious stories, epic fails, and dating advice.

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