Great Saint Valentine’s idea to refresh the whole celebrating manner

Saint Valentine ’s Day is a holiday for all the lovers to celebrate their affection and relationship. It is the most romantic solemnization as it chants the most beautiful feeling of all. But the boring part here is that it is pretty much same in its hosting – there is a particular set of variants couples usually use, pretending to be variable, though keeping up to the same track: dinner, movies, trips. For those who want to get out of the habitual way of the celebration and introduce oneself to some fresh experience, we at Ru Brides Service offer several variants of mutual enjoyment, keeping same only one thing – being in love.


So here are some exiting dating ideas for Saint Valentine’s day:


1.    Do art together.

There is no better way to make your date more special, then to do something that have never been done before. There are several types of art you may choose from (or even do all of them) to spend time creating something new and special for you both. Just imagine how fun it would be to write a song together making it personal and just for you two. Or you can shoot a movie – thankfully to the modern technologies, it can be done with a cell phone and simple paste-up programs you can freely download online. You can also paint a picture, using your hands and feet instead of brushes or even do sculpture, like little souvenirs to present your familiars afterwards, or hand-made dishes for your kitchen.  Main point here is your feelings that are the main inspiration to whatever you are about to do and, of course, the enjoyment with the very process.

2.    Get lost together.

There is nothing to intensify the feeling of togetherness, trust and closure to your partner, then to share an experience of getting in completely unknown place having nothing but one another to hold on to. You can whether take a car or bicycle ride in the unknown direction of your area of living or, if every rope of your home town is perfectly known for you, buy tickets to some unknown place of your or maybe even foreign country. The main condition is to let yourselves get absolutely unaware of the ambiance you are at, so the face of your lover will be the only thing you recognize. This will give you an ability to have some yet unknown impressions simultaneously, supporting and relying on each other in going through something new.

to refresh the whole celebrating manner

3.    Do the apartment rearrangement.

This can be so much funnier than some local restaurant dinner you would habitually have. Have some beer and pizza to get you energized for the time, take a look at your place of living and do whatever shift you find good enough. The perspective of the new set is awesome by itself, as you’ll modify your space in according to your common and actual preferences, but the main point here, of course, is the process itself, that will keep you both engaged with hilarious business. If you live apart, this can be even more thrilling – you can risk and give each other an access to your hoods, allowing your partner to arrange your space for you.

Just start with these simple “alternative” dating advices, and later on you’ll find yourself making your own original ideas on time spending with your beloved. By giving you aforecited dating tips we just want you be more pleased with ways you celebrate your love. can connect you to over 3.5 million singles in the UK and with our blog you don't have to go far to get the best dating advice on the interweb!

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