Got a holiday honey and don’t know what to do with him?

Got a holiday honey and dont know what

Meeting someone new around the holidays presents challenges that might not be an issue otherwise.  Holidays are intimate and filled with family and friends.  Do you introduce your mate to your loved ones?  Do you say farewell until after the holiday season is over?  Stop agonizing and work them into the equation using these tips to get you through the season:

Take them shopping

This is a great way for the two of you to see each other in a laid back, real life scenario.  Standard dates tend to have a pretentious air about them by their very nature.  Running errands together gives you a chance to see each other in a more comfortable environment.  Doesn’t hurt that you get to kill two birds with one stone.

Enjoy the winter wonderland

Depending on where you are, this time of year is great for snow activities.  Go ice skating, sledding or make snow men together.  Relive your childhood in all of its innocence and glory.  These can also help you learn if your love interest is fun-loving or a Scrooge.

Don’t like the cold?  Stay in

The great outdoors isn’t for everybody.  If lounging indoors is your speed, that’s ‘A’ okay.  Hanging by the fireplace with your favorite hot beverage is cozy and romantic.  Depending on where you are in your relationship, this could give you an opportunity to take it to the next level.  Of course, you are the best judge of whether it’s the appropriate time.

Make him your plus one

Holiday festivities runneth over during this time of year.  Not all of them hold the threat of your grandmother hinting how badly she wants to see her great grandchildren before she dies. Bring him along to a holiday gathering you’ve been invited to.  You will be able to see his level of interaction with others as well as gauge your chemistry in a group setting.  Tread carefully.  Depending on the crowd, their perception of you could be tainted if the person behaves distastefully.

A new honey to deck the halls with should be fun and exciting.  You don’t have to let the “season” pressure you into moving the relationship further than you intended.  In the end, you control the pace of your relationship.  Have fun with it.


Happy smooching!

Veronica Dasher is a blogger and aspiring author. Entertaining her friends with stories of failed pick-ups and relationships gone wrong quickly became one of her favorite pastimes. One divorce, eleven years of bad dating experiences and hundreds of empty ice cream cartons later, she had an epiphany – why not share these life lessons with the world? Smoochingfrogs is the newest dating blog complete with hilarious stories, epic fails, and dating advice.

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