GO APE – for your date

Go ape for your date

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Fancy being a gorilla for a day? For just £30, take your date to Go Ape for the adventure of a lifetime. Now this doesn’t mean grooming each others hair, or wrestling in the mud. This is real monkey business. You will be swinging from tree to tree; don’t worry, with a harness of course.

Assault Course Dating

Go ape is a 2-3 hour assault course that takes place in some of England’s most beautiful forests. The perfect place for you and your date to take in the sights before you soar into the wilderness.

Now, this certainly isn’t for the squeamish. Go Ape is the perfect activity for all you strong, wild beasts out there who don’t mind getting a little bit dirty. For the ladies, Go Ape is the perfect opportunity for your man to sweep you off your feet. You are both guaranteed an afternoon of excitement, thrill, and ecstasy.

With an awesome range of obstacles for you to explore, such as numerous zip-wires, monkey bars and the ultimate Tarzan swing, you will be sure to find something which gets your heart racing. If exploring nature from up top isn’t really for you, then why not try Go Ape’s forest segway safaris. You will remain completely on the ground, I promise.
Go Ape is a fantastic day out. I love that feeling you get just before you take that leap of faith into the unknown. You can even dress to impress, however make sure they are clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Whip out your army gear and turn this into a real adventure, why not challenge your date to a little competition, and see who can complete the course first. The loser has to buy the first round of drinks afterwards.

So, for all you Tarzans out there who want to find their Jane, then Go Ape is the ultimate, unique, fun dating experience, which will be sure to have you swinging into each others arms.

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Lauren is a 20 something Drama, Theatre and Performance studies student, who holds a great passion for theatre, film, music and travel. She loves meeting new people and in her spare time loves to review awesome places to date.

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