Girl least likely: (how to spot the) signs of a crazy woman

signs of a crazy woman

Man, crazy is such a lazy term; used too liberally, thrown around carelessly. Besides being offensive, it’s also an inaccurate analysis of the female psyche. On the hunt for signs of a crazy woman? Get ready for disappointment. There are no crazy women; there are only misunderstood, frustrated and hurt women, e.g. women with the wrong partners, in the wrong relationships.

Here’s how to spot the signs of a crazy woman: look for a woman with a partner who doesn’t understand or respond to her needs; keep your eyes peeled for a woman trying desperately to communicate with an insensitive, joyless spouse. These women aren’t crazy – neither are their significant others. They just made poor relationship choices.

A bad match diminishes both partners, makes both act out of character and both feel like they’re going crazy (through lack of emotional intimacy and ineffective communication, which erodes self-esteem). If you’ve resorted to asking the above question and lack understanding about the desires and needs of the woman in your life – and what motivates her behaviour – it’s pretty reasonable to assume you’re in the wrong relationship.

Signs of a crazy woman…

Pre-relationship, if you’re searching for the above keywords then you’re not ready for love – because love possesses the emotional maturity to embrace and celebrate imperfection. You may have been hurt previously and hope that by educating yourself now you can prevent a similar outcome next time – forewarned is forearmed, right? Unfortunately, there is no way to protect yourself from hurt: love is a risk – or it isn’t love. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt but, without examining your own behaviour within the relationship, we must conclude that it wasn’t your inability to spot the signs of a crazy woman that accounted for the failure of the union; it was your choice of partner. Neither party was ‘crazy’, you simply weren’t right for each other.

If before you’ve even started dating you’re looking for reasons/’signs’ to justify avoiding commitment, then whether the woman’s ‘crazy’ or faultless it doesn’t matter; you’re not ready to be vulnerable and allow someone into your life. Spare some poor woman the torment and resolve your own issues first.

Word to the wise

You may believe your reasoning and actions wear a hallo of normalcy and they’re beyond reproach, but believe me, you have a streak of crazy running through you like a stick of rock (hidden, sometimes barely concealed). We all do. When searching for signs of a crazy woman keep in mind that normal is indefinable, subjective and abstract; stop looking for the false promise of it. Pressure to conform to behavioural and physical norms is reductive and plainly ungrateful. The truly sane among us are those who acknowledge and embrace their lack of perceived normalcy.

Crazy, sexy fool

Why try to determine signs of a crazy woman, or man? By exposing the shortcomings of others we merely exhibit an inability to embrace our own imperfections. Strive to accept your authentic self and afford your potential partner the same right – without fear of judgement.

We are all seeking someone to accept and covet our own personal ‘crazy’. No one is perfect; they only have to be perfect for you. can connect you to over 3.5 million singles in the UK and with our blog you don't have to go far to get the best dating advice on the interweb!

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