Getting Better Matches on Tinder the Smart Way

better matchs on tinder the smart way

If you have not done so already, you should sign up to Tinder straightaway – if you are single. Actually, in 2015, I would go so far as to say that Tinder is a mandatory platform for all bachelors. This app is now so commonly used, that you will miss out on meeting loads of new women each day, if you don’t participate.

Please understand, I am not affiliated with Tinder at all. I am simply making a factual statement regarding our cultural direction. From a purely logical standpoint; if you are looking for a partner, why not explore all possible avenues? You are cutting off your nose to spite your face, if you limit your search for women to one particular method.

Notwithstanding, Tinder can be somewhat daunting and even exasperating initially. You may get loads of potential matches one day, then nothing at all the following day, and so on and so forth. Also, even if you get dozens of matches one day, you may find that they are uncommunicative, so you grow tired of them almost instantly. To prevent this from occurring, take the following advice to start getting better matches on Tinder:

Putting Your Tinder Profile Together

Shirtless photos are not necessary. End of story. Of course, you may end up attracting a few more superficial girls, who only want one night stands. However, most girls I speak to report that they tend to avoid men with shirtless photos, because it gives the impression that they are trying too hard, and that they are shallow. In any case, you should include a standard profile photo (of your face), a full length body photo and something that displays your interests.

For me, this approach generates a decent number of matches, and it works better when you put the full length body photo first. Needless to say, being well groomed and dressing nicely does no harm. Moreover, you do not require a fancy description. Make it simple, but include enough information to pique a girl’s interest.

The ‘About Me’ section of your profile can be broken down as follows:

* Location

* Profession

* Witty overview of interests and hobbies

For instance, mine reads;

* Toronto

* Blogger, Columnist

* Guacamole enthusiast. Music geek

Including an Instagram link is a good idea too.

This provides women with something to be curious about. This is the desired goal. Curiosity means intrigue, which results in action.

The Profile of Your Potential Match

Take the time to read this. You will thank yourself.

Firstly, not every girl leads with her best photo (this applies to good looking women too), so it is worth looking through her pics before clicking the ‘Nope’ button.

Secondly, you have to get some details from her description. Obviously, you will want to check whether you are compatible, however you also need to gather some ammunition. You will use this later on.

Be Honest With Yourself

Never lose touch with reality, while you are looking through these photos. Do your utmost to find a woman you are attracted to, who you believe you will have things in common with.

In practice, this means that you should maintain reasonable standards, avoid being trigger happy with ‘likes’, and refrain from contacting any girls who are clearly an unsuitable match. Also, it means that you should not be overly superficial or selective, based on spurious criteria. Sometimes, when you get lots of suggested matches, you can quickly become unfairly judgmental.

When looking at profiles, ask yourself honestly:

‘If I saw this woman in a club, would I approach her?’

Of course, it is easy to answer ‘yes’. However, don’t forget, we want quality rather than quantity. If you spend too much time reading through boring, unsuitable matches, it will take you longer to find the right ones.

Build Rapport

Up till now, you have had little control over the success of your matches. Now’s the time to change this. When you get some matches, you need to start developing rapport straightaway.

I’ll admit that I was unsure about how to achieve this, when I initially started using Tinder.

I was reasonably good at text flirting, but this was something different.

‘How can I build rapport with someone I’ve never met?’, I wondered.

This is why reading the profile is useful, because it gives you something (i.e. the ‘ammunition’ I referred to earlier) to build rapport with.

Often, I tease her gently about her description or photos. Basically, I try to joke about how apparently incompatible, or compatible, we may be.

Here are a few examples;

‘Ouch, (reference something out of her profile)? We’re all wrong for each other.’

‘Greatest  About me. Of all time.’

‘Ah, (reference something out of her profile)? Will you be my wife?’

Don’t Hang Around

You need to start building sexual tension immediately. However, bear in mind that this woman is probably talking to other men as well, so you should create a spark and take things forward as fast as possible.

Tinder aims to eliminate the awkwardness of introductions, so remember this. Mentioning dating or marriage early, even in your initial message, is an excellent way of poking fun at the process, which breaks the ice effectively.

Don’t lose sight of your goal – convincing her to go on a date with you.

Tinder matches are only successful if you end up meeting the woman in real life. This is why all your communication should be geared towards this objective.

Starting a conversation with the phrase: ‘ask me anything’ is a proven approach. You can use this phrase during conversational lulls as well. Simply send her the message: “OK, ask me anything.’

Once you reply to her question, you will put your question to her in return. Ask her something fairly harmless, like: ‘What’s your favorite movie’, or ‘What did you dream of being when you were a child?’.

However, make the third question sex related. Avoid being too crude though. For instance, you could ask ‘What’s the most bizarre place you have made love?’, then take things forward.

After you have created some sexual tension, it’s time to make your move and arrange a meeting. Now you know how to get better matches on Tinder, make sure you put this information to work and transform your love life.


Tom is a blogger and social media enthusiast who shares dating tips for men at and personal tweets @DateAdviceGuys

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