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Are you tired of going on the same old dates? Nandos or Pizza hut not really up your street? Fancy something spontaneous and exciting? Then why not head to a Festival!

Now I know what your thinking, A festival, really? Why would you want to spend a weekend in the dirt, right? Well listen up, a festival screams FREEDOM; you can do what you like for an entire weekend with no rules at all. It’s the perfect opportunity to allow your date to see the real carefree you. A chance to let your hair down and have FUN.

Whether it be chilling by the campfire or partying the night away under the stars, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. Festivals are a fantastic way to socialise; they bring people closer together through the love of great music. Picture this, you and your date dancing to your favourite tunes all day long until sunset and then cuddling by the camp fire of an evening. Could you think of anything better?

If you have never experienced Festival camping, then you have never lived. Lying amongst nature, under the glistening stars with the echoing of music in the distance and the sound of the crackling fire. What more could you ask for? You and your date sharing a single man tent within the wilderness (well, a field) but still, how exciting. No phones or computers to kill the mood, the conversation will certainly be flowing.

My favourite part of a Festival is definitely the fact that you can wear what you like without looking like a total idiot. So why not go all out and impress your date. Be adventurous and experiment with different items of clothing. Head down to a thrift shop and pick some of the wildest and wacky pieces, your date will be sure to see your funny side.

Okay, so sometimes it rains at festivals. So, when has a little rain ever hurt anyone? That is the beauty of festivals; they are just as amazing when it is pouring down with rain. Just whip out your wellies and rain coat and be prepared to get a little bit dirty with your date (because of the mud, of course).

If I haven’t yet won you over, then here is just a few of the greatest festivals in England.

Reading and Leeds Festivalfestival love

Reading and Leeds are the most popular music festivals that are still in existence. They both occur over the august bank holiday. Reading is set in the south of England and Leeds in the north. With its fantastic range of music from rock to indie you are guaranteed to find something for you. Some of its previous acts are the incredible Guns and Roses, the amazing Florence and the machine and the hardcore Foo Fighters.

Boardmasters Festival

Boardmasters is the best of the beachside lifestyle. Based in Cornwall, it has so much to offer such as a fantastic range of watersports, skating and BMX events and surfing competitions. Why not grab your date and ride the waves? It has had some amazing headliners such as Ben Howard and Basement Jaxx.

Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury is the godfather of all festivals. It is made up of lots of different areas for you to enjoy, the dance village, theatre, circus and the acoustic field. Glasto has had a great range of acts such as Arctic Monkeys, Dizzie Rascal and Mumford and Sons. It is like a group of different festivals converging together.

Download Festival

Download is the ultimate rock festival. Acts such as Black Sabboth, Metallica, Tenacious D and Biffy Clyro have all played at Download. So if you are prepared to rock out then this is definitely the festival for you.

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Lauren is a 20 something Drama, Theatre and Performance studies student, who holds a great passion for theatre, film, music and travel. She loves meeting new people and in her spare time loves to review awesome places to date.

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