Eight of the worst places to take a date

Eight of the worst places to take a date

Claiming this is a definitive list of the worst places to take a date would be misleading, and possibly bias your date preparations – because people’s ideal differs as wildly as they do. Therefore, just consider the following speculative advice.

Worst places to take a date: advice

Avoid locales that breed insecurity, discomfort or irritation; and please, tell your date in advance if they need to bring specific clothing, so they can dress appropriately. Sharing your interests is lovely, but (on the first few dates) wisdom dictates you stick to a neutral setting with generic appeal; use the smaller details to reflect personality instead, e.g. flowers…

Sometimes, however ideal the setting, circumstances conspire against us. Often, by injecting some humour into the situation and reverting to a plan B you can rescue the date. If unsalvageable, though, don’t take it as a personal blow. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Eight worst places to take a dateEight of the worst places to take a date

1. Out with friends – introduce friends (and family) slowly after dating for a while. Dates are a chance to spend time together and focus on getting to know one another. You can hang out with mates anytime. Make your date your priority.

2. Any place an ex might be, e.g. local pub – awkward, insensitive and embarrassing, with dubious motivation.

3. Your house – suggesting you cook a meal or watch a DVD smacks of laziness, mean-spirit and/or lack of imagination. Plus, it also sounds like code for sex. Save exhibiting culinary skills for later in the dating process.

4. Gym – one of the worst places to take a date. This feels like a chance to crowbar a date into your workout routine, and to size your date up.

5. Cinema – watching (a romantic comedy) in a silent theatre inhibits conversation and therefore prevents you getting to know your date. Sex scenes create awkward tension, and relying on a film to provide the romance for your date is lazy.

6. Punting – hell for those with motion sickness. Also, hard work and an exhausting one-person job that makes conversation difficult. Your date will grow listless and uncomfortable watching you struggle.

7. Shopping – buy clothes/DVD’s/games in your own time.

8. No place/Nothing planned – the worst of the worst places to take a date. It’s massively disappointing (and insulting) to arrange to meet someone and on arrival – filled with expectation and looking your best – discover your date hasn’t planned anything. Asserting, ‘I thought we’d just see how we felt/Whatever you want to do/Up to you…’ etc, isn’t casual, it’s lazy, arrogant and suggests you couldn’t care less about your date. Don’t do it.

Company is king

A good date doesn’t require money; if you behave with courtesy, humour and thoughtfulness, you can transcend most situations. Ultimately, the success of most dates is dependent on the characteristics of the company and not necessarily the qualities of the place.

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