Dudes who don’t like dogs

Dudes who don’t like dogs

I don’t date dudes who don’t like dogs. It’s an instant red flag. A deal breaker.

A man who says he does not like dogs would be like me telling him football can go fuck itself. Excuse my French. It’s just that this is how passionate I feel. Almost like, my way or the highway.

A dog is a man’s best friend. What man wouldn’t cherish that?

While dining at an upscale restaurant on a second date with an Englishman, I brought up the topic of my dog. An OK topic, right? As long as it’s not about cats, I’ve been told it’s a safe topic and a good way to cut to the chase on whether he’s an animal/dog lover.

I started into the conversation regarding my 10-year-old golden retriever that is presently, sadly no longer with me. He listened, nodded his head, and even shared his own story about his mother’s dogs. Showing me a picture of them on his phone, I gushed (maybe a bit more than I should have allowed myself), and next thing I know, we are talking about a dog, in the futuristic sense.

I’ve grown up with dogs in the bed, on the bed, and pretty much sleeping where it wants to and not where anyone tells it. Now this is the point in which the dinner date goes downhill. My date said that he’s not too keen on dogs, even though his mother has several. He doesn’t mind cats. And he most certainly would not let a dog up on the bed. Pause. I was appalled. “What do you mean not on the bed?!” I half-heartedly, yet jokingly exclaimed, probably awkwardly attracting the attention of other nearby couples.

Nonchalantly, my date said that there are no dogs to be let onto his bed; only himself and another. If I weren’t so upset internally at his futuristic comment I would have let myself laugh at the dirty references I could have come up with, but somehow I just don’t think any ‘dog’ jokes would have lessened the tension building up at our table simply sparked by the topic of dogs.

The dinner date ended fairly well for what I would consider to have been our first and last disagreement. Actually, it was our only disagreement, seeing as we never continued in further conversations as his disregard equally matched my disdain.

There were probably many other things wrong with us and for why we would never have worked out, but I think next time I’ll just cut to the chase and ask what he thinks of dogs.

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