Don’t Let Your Relationships Become Hostage to Technology

We’re all so busy doing nothing these days. Sure, sometimes we actually have important stuff to take care of but for the most part, watching a six-hour long marathon of Keeping Up With The Kardashians doesn’t count. We find ourselves hypnotized by our phones, our computers, our televisions and then, before we know it, the real people in our lives have vanished. We wonder why there is a void where human interaction once was but we still don’t pull ourselves away from the digital world we have become so fixated on.

Do yourself a favour and look around. Do you find it hard to make relationships come into fruition because you can never get past all the texts and Facebook messages? Do you find yourself texting the people you like break up with your iphonemore than actually spending time with them? Sure, it’s a good way for initial chit-chat but if you really want to get to know someone pick up the damn phone, talk for an hour or two and then arrange a date…so you can hang out in person.

Physical interaction is key. Stop hiding behind your screens and put yourself out there, into the real world. Sure, online dating can be a good idea but once you find a connection move that relationship from online to on-the-phone. Actually hearing a person’s voice or seeing their facial cues gives us so much more insight that a measly text message ever could. Instead of spending hours trying to decode his message: “When he said O.K. Did he mean he’s fine? Is he mad? Busy? Oh my God, I bet he never wants to see me again!” actually hang out with him and you’ll see tons of non-verbal cues that will indicate whether he likes you or not.

This isn’t to say a relationship which solely relies on text messages can’t blossom but you will have a much better chance for success if you spend your time meeting face-to-face rather than screen to screen. And if you’re already in a happy relationship, don’t let yourselves fall into the TV trap either. Yes, I am all for movie nights or binge-watching new series together on Netflix, but don’t become hostage to that. Get off the couch and do something together. Like, actually DO something. Go somewhere: Take a walk, eat at your local pub, have a game night. Doing things together other than staring at the TV will create a bond and will give you things to talk about in the future other than how awesome Breaking Bad is (even though it really is an amazing show).

Basically, we all need to stop hiding and start really seeing and hearing each other. Don’t fall into the trap of technology and don’t let your life pass you by while you stare blankly at the screens of your life. The people you know and the one’s you love will add so much more value to your life than even the best episodes of Sons of Anarchy. So, don’t let your life and your relationships go down the (boob) tube just because sitting on the couch is easier than getting off your ass and actually talking to people.

Start living,
The Love Hawk

With degrees in Communications, Psychology, and Broadcast Journalism I've always been passionate about writing but it wasn't until I paired it with my love for relationship advice that I found my niche. I work in Marketing and run my blog (www.thelovehawk,com) during my free time. I like white wine, the Backstreet Boys, and watching football on Sundays. Like me on Facebook at and follow me on Twitter @TheLoveHawk.

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