Disastrous declarations of lifelong love

Disastrous declarations of lifelong love

We see it all the time written on Facebook; the disastrous declaration of lifelong love. It strikes us in the least, as it becomes just another status of a soon-to-be married couple enjoying their engagement. I, on the other hand, am disturbed and disgusted. It disturbs me to see a person’s Facebook status that goes something like this:

“In one year from today I will marry the love of my life, my best friend, and my better half; the person that makes me want to become a better person.”

If that is supposed to be romantic, then I must not have a romantic bone in my body. I also want to say that it is probably the most unoriginal declaration of one’s love towards another.

Love of your life?

How do you know you’ve just found the love of your life? I think there can be more than just one love and if that’s the case, you’ve canceled out any other possibilities. You think that because you’ve found ‘the one’ that there can’t possibly be someone else out there for you. Believe or not, your love of your life is replaceable. When he or she breaks your heart, when you separate, and when you find that your relationship becomes one of those staggering statistics that make up the 1 in 3 marriages survive – you might just want to rethink bestowing the cheesy title of ‘love of your life’ to this person you think you’ll happily spend the rest of your life with.

Your best friend?

You need to get some more friends if the person you’re about to devote yourself to is also your best friend. I get that perhaps you feel you can say anything to your partner, you feel most comfortable when you’re around them, and you feel like they’ll love you unconditionally. However, there should be a distinct difference between your wife or your husband and your best friend. In fact, each partner in the relationship should have his or her own best friend. There are just certain things, topics of conversation and areas of interest, which your partner does not want to hear about i.e. shopping versus football, baby talk versus booze, etc.

Better half?

Already you are placing your partner on a pedestal. You demean yourself to raise him or her above where you stand. You will always see him or her as better than yourself and that can’t particularly be healthy. Perhaps your partner has lad you to believe he or she is the better on in the relationship, and if so, then that is definitely a no-no. You should enter a marriage as equals.

Makes you a better person?

Being a better person comes from within. You should want to be a better person because it’s what all humans should strive for; the betterment of ourselves and of others. If another person has to come along for you to feel like you should be a better person, then it is a shame that you doubt yourself. You doubt that you are not the best that you could be if someone out there makes you feel otherwise. Be a better person because you want to be better in everything you do.

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