Dating in a small town – The Ups and Downs

Small Town Dating

Every relationship has its ups and its downs; this is completely natural and part of everyday life. Whether it be long distance or within a small town, you will always have little measly arguments. Many people believe that long distance relationships don’t work out due to being too far apart, yet people forget that dating somebody who lives on your doorstep can be just as difficult. Here are my five ups and downs for dating in a small town.

Don’t forget each other

Whilst dating in a small town, It is very easy to fall into a routine, especially when you are seeing your date literally 24/7. You both plummet into this ‘comfortable zone’ and enter a land of no return. You simply have just let yourself go due to the lack of passion and excitement in your relationship, resulting in the real you being left behind. Try to remember that flirtatious, flamboyant person you once first met and bring them back to the dating world.

Adventure, Spice and Everything nice

Are you continuously eating at the same restaurant, or going to the same old pub? Through personal experience, whilst dating in a small town, I have found it difficult to find fun, unique dating activities. Where is the adventure? I found myself daydreaming about dating a hunk from an exotic place, perhaps Hawaii, but of course we have to get back to reality.

A Second Family

A huge benefit of dating in a small town is that you are able to form an amazing bond with your date’s family (if you like them, that is). Personally I think this is a very important part of the dating experience. Winning over the parents is crucial; you want them to enjoy seeing your face and hearing your name, not scowl every time you are mentioned. This will make your relationship with your date a lot stronger as they know you are comfortable and confident around their family.

The Break Up

The dreaded moment in a relationship, the moment that nobody wants, but unfortunately it happens sometimes. Imagine the love of your life has broken up with you; you just want the ground to swallow you whole. Yet you keep seeing them everywhere you turn, you are constantly surrounded by reminders of them. Even worse, imagine seeing this person with someone else, you will certainly be heading into heart break central.


The problem with dating in a small town is that everyone knows everyone. Say you had one rubbish night in the sack and pleaded with your date not to tell anyone, then the next thing you know your entire street is talking about your sex life. How awkward is that? There is a plus side about dating someone from the same town as you, you are able to have sex whenever your heart desires, but won’t that get too repetitive?

I am a strong believer in long distance relationships. I love that feeling of excitement, the butterflies that you get in your stomach before you see them. Just imagine the hot, exotic sex that will occur once they get you home. How exciting!

The dating world is a crazy place, so many people to choose from, how do you know who is right? Well I guess that, it is up to your personal taste, are you the type of person who needs thrill and excitement in their life or someone who can chill with their date in the local Starbucks?

Lauren is a 20 something Drama, Theatre and Performance studies student, who holds a great passion for theatre, film, music and travel. She loves meeting new people and in her spare time loves to review awesome places to date.

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