Casual Encounters in Online Dating in 2016

You can buy most things on the internet and With so many people at different stages of their learning process about ‘computers’, so many are being left behind or are too scared of becoming involved incase they break it or accidentally hack or stumble into something that they shouldn’t be witnessing.

Online dating is also evolving at a fast pace, but for the better, with novices taking their first tentative steps on social engagement, its a good job that dating sites are evolving with newer technologies. I have to admit, those online dating sites that do not update their software to accommodate this change, and still think that because they had success in the past with the formula they used for so many years, but it is the case that you have to keep up, other wise interest will move away to the dating sites that do work and that do catch people’s attention.

Casual Encounters in Online Dating in 2016

Adult dating sites in a sense are becoming more and more popular with different niches catering to different tastes, but I suppose it depends on what you are looking for: a mainstream dating site, or a one night stand, they both have their good points and their bad points but it is much less common to find a serious relationship on a full blown adult site, but we do see some people looking…don’t kid yourself if you join a casual dating site you will be inundated with offers from men/women who are only and will ever be only after the casual fling, so enter these dating sites at your peril and understand there can never be anything serious.

Some dating sites do have a duel identity where you can register and be one person on the mainstream side then you can register on the more adult version and indulge in one of your fantasies, so already there is a shift in thinking and rather than it just being a mainstream site its a bit of both. Maybe its a good thing to have a bit of both, perhaps that is the future of dating sites where you will target not only one niche but several at a time, we all have several sides to our personalities so why not.

About casual dating sites:

Is it a modern concept, or has the internet made it a more widespread and accessible type of lifestyle that has been only privy to a few, or should I say has been a widely accepted lifestyle choice for the super rich and has been filtered down to us.
Is it a fashionable trend? Or was? and the one’s in the know have moved onto something different that is all the rage. Which ever way you look at it casual sex as a lifestyle choice often misleads people into false beliefs about the encounter having some sort of shared connection, it is a no strings attached experience that can have a devastating emotional tie that you will have no control over.
Sex comes into a relationship to further connect two people together and it is there for those who want to pursue and to connect on a deeper level. Where as casual sex is just that, casual, it is something you run into, a chance meeting, a rendezvous…It may work on paper but if you have any doubts about your experiences, then think carefully about whether you want to pursue this kind of lifestyle.


There are 4 Different popular forms of casual sex

1.Occasional sex
2. Recreational Sex
3. Sex with the Ex
4. comfort sex

A casual encounter dating site would have all four of these different scenarios catered for and probably plenty of variants in-between to satiate appetites. Like it or not there is a huge market for dating sites like this and it is here to stay. An online dating site has evolved into a community where by more people are using these websites as a hangout rather than meeting someone in a club.

Niches are getting more fragmented attracting lots of likeminded people with similar interests, so you should really look upon adult/casual dating sites like a high speed rollercoaster, there are certainly not for everyone, but at the end of the day it is your choice as long as you go into this knowing what to expect. There is one thing for sure though you will probably find lots of grey areas in between each site, make sure you read the frequently asked questions. And one more thing, if you are in a relationship with someone who you are deeply in love with, let them know what you are planning on doing…

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