I Can Help to Prevent Single Women From Becoming Future Baby Mama’s

Fatherhood Expert Says

The statistics is telling; in 2014 more than 80% of homes were headed by single mothers and 4.1 million mothers are living in poverty.  Since 1996 I have provided services and consultation that is connected to this issue.  Separated and divorced fathers and mothers have contacted my program Fathers with Voices seeking guidance on how to navigate various court systems while in disputes with their ex-spouse/mate.


Television host Maury Povich has nothing on me in terms of hearing “baby mama/daddy drama” stories.  I have heard every story imaginable!  At some point after hearing so many horror stories, I wanted to do something about this problem.  Sometimes in order to reach that point of figuring out how to solve a problem another problem has to serve as a source of motivation.  I began reading articles pertaining to women/mothers being murdered by their ex-spouse or ex-mate as they were involved in custody disputes.  A second awakening came from the confessions made by parents admitting to making certain dating mistakes that eventually led to co-parenting with the “wrong person.”


My conclusion is;

Single dating women are at risk to one day becoming a single mother.  The dating mistakes parents confessed to making aligns perfectly with the dating mistakes so many articles are written about on the subject.  Another area of concern based on my vast experience within this area is; there is a population of men whose thought process rationalizes walking away because the woman he impregnated did not listen to him and instead proceeded with having the child.  How do single dating women weed out these types of men? Due to the violence being done against separated/divorced mothers, we must not shy away from the term “baby mama.”


Another major mistake I’ve found parents in conflict made is the failure to ask AQ’s-Adult Questions.  The failure to ask adult questions while in the beginning stage of dating later led to court activity after the relationship dissolved.  My mission is to introduce my dating concept designed to encourage single dating women to be more proactive for the purpose of avoiding becoming part of this problem.  The dating concept is called DRQ!-Drama Related Questions and I will introduce my concept via my teleconference “10 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Baby Mama/Single Mother.”


Eric  (Dr.AD) Legette

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