What To Buy Your Favourite Escort For Christmas – The Only Shopping Guide You Need

There’s no better time to show your favourite escort how much she means to you than at Christmas.

If you’re a regular at a top London escort agency, then it’s a good idea to treat your escort to something special for Christmas. Need a little help picking out the perfect gift? Then don’t worry, because the team at Babes of London have the low-down on what escorts love to receive from their clients.

Stocking fillers

A small stocking filler like a bottle of perfume or a box of chocolates will really be appreciated. Escorts understand that not every man can afford to splash out on expensive gifts at Christmas. By still making the effort to get her a little something though, you’re showing that you really value her services – marking you out as a perfect gentleman. Be sure to ask if there’s anything she wants for Christmas before you start shopping, so you don’t end up buying her the same thing as some of her other clients.


Most men like to treat the special woman in their life to some sexy underwear for Christmas. If you’ve been spending a lot of time with a particular escort this year, then there’s no reason not to do the same for her! There are lots of shopping options for you, from high street stores to luxury London lingerie boutiques. Whether you opt for a naughty negligee or a sexy matching set, your escort will be delighted. Plus, there will be no stressing about sizes, as most escort agencies list a girl’s measurements on their website!


If there’s one thing an escort needs, it’s more clothes. These ladies love to dress to impress for their dates in the capital, and are always adding to their wardrobes. You could treat her to a little black dress that she could slip into for your next appointment, or maybe you’ll really go to town and buy her a gorgeous evening gown. As the sizing dilemma is eliminated when you’re shopping for an escort, you can get her some clothes that she will definitely love.

A handbag

What girl doesn’t love a new handbag? A stylish woman about town can never have too many, and your escort will be thrilled if you decide to gift her a new one for Christmas. Not sure which one to go for? Then take a look at the hottest designer handbags of 2018 for some inspiration! Whether you opt for a sleek clutch or a larger bag that your escort can use when she brings her naughty goodies over to yours for a night of fun, this is a gift that will go down very well indeed.

A weekend break

If you want to buy your escort a gift that you’ll both get to enjoy, then why not splash the cash on a romantic weekend break? The best escorts in London are available for overnight stays, so you could really use this as a chance to relax and just enjoy each others company without any time constraints. From country breaks in the UK to a night in a five star London hotel, there’s sure to be the perfect break for you both.

Generosity is always appreciated

If you don’t have the time to go shopping for Christmas presents this year, then be sure to be generous with your tips this festive season. This is one of the busiest periods for escorts, and no matter how much you spend, just showing them that you appreciate their hard work will make you a very popular client going into 2019!

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