Botox and Medical Fillers

Botox and medical fillers

During last twenty years, medical science has experienced enormous progress. Nowadays, we are able to cure most diseases and determine various conditions by simply visiting our doctor’s office. Some problems that were previously thought unsolvable are no longer so. Among many things, we are not only able to cure our ailments, we also have the possibility to completely alter our appearance and present ourselves in a newer, younger and refreshed version. Given that most people have a strong fear of aging, it is only normal that different aesthetical procedure would become the most popular type of medical treatments today. The most common procedures are plastic or cosmetic surgery, botox and medical fillers.

Each one of these procedures has its own purpose and they are very different in their own regard. The most intrusive process is cosmetic surgery that can lead to a complete change of our appearance. It can be a very painful and tedious treatment; however, by using it, we are able to change ourselves for better. Once you have the surgery, there is no coming back (unless you are willing to perform another). You will live with the results and if you ever had any imperfections, they can be corrected by using this treatment.

Unlike cosmetic surgeries, botox and medical fillers are rather newer procedures. They are both based on medical injections that are introduced into our body and have the purpose of temporarily changing our facial appearance. They are both very quick to perform (it takes about 20 minutes for the doctor to inject either botox or medical filler) and after that, recovery time is minimal. Most people can get back to their daily duties after these treatments without any fear of side effects. However, there are certain things that shouldn’t be done such as hard physical exercise, use of alcohol or cosmetic products for face.

These two procedures have become quite famous and widespread as of late. According to professionals who are working in, most people realized the potential consequences of aesthetic surgery. Having that in mind, individuals started using botox and medical fillers as a way of rejuvenating face. When patients use one of these two methods, they can be certain that the substances which are injected into their organism are completely safe and natural. This is precisely why it is a temporary procedure: in time, these matters are dissolved by the body and we need additional shots that will prolong the duration of the effect.

Botox injections are based on botulinum toxin, one of the strongest toxins that we know of. However, the substance is fully biodegradable so it is possible for body to dissolve it in time. Until it is dissolved, it serves to straighten up mimic wrinkles that are positioned on our face. Similarly to botulinum toxin, medical fillers usually use hyaluronic acid and collaged. Both of them are quite natural substances and always present in our skin naturally. As such, it is easy for body to dissolve them in time and chance of side effects is minimal. Unlike botox which is used for upper part of face, medical fillers are an excellent choice for wrinkles positioned on lower part of face, neck and even cleavage. The best thing about these procedures are that it is possible to combine them and completely modify the way you look thus effectively fighting against time. can connect you to over 3.5 million singles in the UK and with our blog you don't have to go far to get the best dating advice on the interweb!

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