Are You Sabotaging Your Dating Life?

are you sabotaging your dating life

Dating can be challenging and the truth is that so many of us are actually sabotaging our very own dating life! The reason for this is because of how we see ourselves and our perspective.

How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as a loser at love? Or as a person that always attracts the wrong type of guy? Or how about someone that is the “smart” or “funny” one. All of these labels that you give yourself are how a potential date may see you.

Confidence is the most attractive feature of any guy or girl. Whatever negative thoughts or experiences that we have gone through will come out in our expressions. We want our date to see us as a together, fun person that they want to get to know better. THIS is the best way to approach your dating life. Don’t take is so seriously, have fun and be playful. These are all qualities that will keep them coming back for more.

We have all been through some negative experiences, but these events do not define us. We decide what defines us so make it positive! There is a business saying “fake it till you make it.” Meaning that you may not be where you want in your personal or professional life yet, but you are on your way so see yourself that way. Although you may not be the most confident person when it comes to dating, you know you are one hell of a person and worth getting to know better.

The attitudes and thoughts we have make all the difference in life and in dating, so have the attitudes that serve you. So the next time you are on a date, tell yourself that whatever happens you are going to have fun.

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