A Vintage Fair Date – a Timeless Romance

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to time travel? Well now is your chance to find out, travel back in time to the land of the 1940’s. Whether you just want to experience the good old days or simply are just curious about what used to be, then take your date to a vintage fair near you.

With a fantastic range of retro foods to excite your taste buds and some amazing selections of vintage wines, you are guaranteed to be beaming from head to toe all day long. Why not try some of mammas old fashioned ‘Mac & Cheese’ or even a good old fashioned hot dog.

Glad rags and Vintage Fairs

Vintage Fair’s are the perfect opportunity for you to get your glad rags on. Certainly dress to impress. Whip out the red lipstick and cute little dresses or for you chaps out there, it’s time to dig out that old tweed suit. I believe its time to do a little bit of charity shopping, don’t you think?  Or even ask your relatives if they have anything 1940’s inspiring.

I recently stepped into the 1940’s and immersed myself in all things vintage. I was surrounded by fur coats, old vintage suitcases; vintage jewellery and I can’t forget the music blaring from the big boom boxes. My favourite vintage accessory was the rather large double decker bus which had been transformed into a retro bar, offering some good old fashioned ale.
Vintage Fairs have some exciting dancing opportunities, so make sure you’ve got those dancing shoes on, as you and your date jive onto the dance floor. It’s a great way to learn some new moves with your date, fancy learning the rumba or maybe even a bit of swing? You never know you might be a pro. Show of your sexy physique as you dance the night away together.

Now, if dancing isn’t really your thing, then perhaps I can interest you in some cars. Now these are not just any old cars, these are unique vintage style cars, such as mustangs, corvettes and my personal favourite VW camper van. This is perfect if you are a car fanatic, so you can impress your date with your fantastic knowledge of these dashing cars, or perhaps you don’t have much knowledge, perfect opportunity to learn new things.

The Breakdown

Lauren is a 20 something Drama, Theatre and Performance studies student, who holds a great passion for theatre, film, music and travel. She loves meeting new people and in her spare time loves to review awesome places to date.

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