5 ways I’d invest £500 in online dating

5 ways I’d invest £500 in online dating

A few weeks ago, I was given some advice about how best to invest £500 in my business.  It was a really useful discussion and got me thinking about how I would invest £500 online dating. I’m aware that £500 is a lot of money but for me finding someone cool to share my life with was worth investing in.  Knowing what I know now about the trials and tribulations of online dating here are the 5 ways that I’d spend £500 in the search for love.  In no particular order:

1.  A good set of profile photos

As London’s only online dating photographer, you would expect this to be in first position.  But I can’t tell you how much a good set of at least three good quality online dating profile photos will help enhance your online presence.  Let’s face it, almost all guys and a LOT of women base their decision whether to go out with someone solely on their profile photos alone.  With that in mind, it makes sense to invest in some great photos of yourself.  For £100 you can book a session with me and we’ll have some fun with it.  Plus you can hang on to the photos and show them to the grandchildren or step grandchildren in my case.  Win win.

2. A cool new outfit5 ways I’d invest £500 in online dating

Looking good means feeling good.  If you feel good, then you’re more than halfway there.  With £170 to play with you can get shoes and nice underwear too if you’re careful and hunt for bargains online.

3. A life coach

Sometimes in life, often when we’re single and taking a lot of knockbacks, we need more than a sexy new outfit to help us feel good about ourselves.  Feeling good is so important in the search for love, that it’s worth investing in a couple of sessions with a life coach to get you back on track.  With £100 set aside for this, you should be able to go from zero to hero in a couple of sessions.  Totally worth it.

4. A good dating site

Make sure you do some research and invest in paying a subscription to the right website – £30 should get you through the first month to trial it out.

5. A good haircut

If you’re a guy, you’re unlikely to need to set aside £100 for a good haircut, but you’ll need to save your pennies for that first date expense no doubt.  To the women reading this, investing in a good haircut will sort you out as I’m sure I don’t need to tell you.  Make sure you book it before your photo session and you’ll be on fire.

Agree, disagree?  I’d love to hear how you would invest £500 to find love online.

Saskia Nelson is the talent behind Saturday Night’s Alright, London’s original online dating portrait photography business and is passionate about helping London's fab single people to shine online. She specialises in creating gorgeous photos for her clients to help them build awesome online dating profiles that help tell the story of who they really are. She also puts her extensive online dating experiences to good use by sharing her experiences and wisdom on her blog.

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