5 Things Men Get Wrong about Women

5 things men get wrong about women


How many of you ladies have wished that you could really be honest with your partner? As in really honest. You want to tell them that your clitoris is actually an inch higher than he thinks it is. You want to tell them that, that singing voice he puts on when he thinks he’s wooing you is actually driving you to the point where you’d throttle him if you could.

Guys if you’re reading this – pay some attention!

5 – Sometime’s we’re just fine.

We know that you think that “Fine.” is a bad word. “Fine.” is an especially bad word if it is sent via text message with a capital “F” and a “.” at the end of it. You know you’re in trouble when you get that message, right men?

Fine for women means a million and one more things than it does for you men but sometimes, it just means it’s fine. If we need time to think about something, it’s fine. If we aren’t sure how we feel about something, it’s fine. Sometime’s fine just buys us some time. We love to dwell on things, you see.

4 – We don’t really care about penis size.

You want to have the bigger penis because that will make you a bigger man. Girls know that men think like this but what most men don’t realise is we don’t really care how big or small you are. Most girls have had that one “big” guy that couldn’t quite hit the spot. At the same time, most girls have had that one “small” guy that drove her to distraction. Sex for women isn’t always just about penetration… Learn how to please a woman and it doesn’t matter what size you’re boasting.

3 – We DON’T want to know how many women you’ve slept with.

Firstly, there’s a good chance that she has probably slept with more men than she’s ever going to admit to you. Secondly, once she hears you’ve slept with “over one hundred women”, she’s either going to want to frog-march you to the nearest sexual health clinic for a good testing, or she’s going to think you’re full of BS. As long as you are fit and healthy right now (and you’re willing to prove it) we don’t care about your past. If we ask, lie… convincingly. We probably aren’t telling you the truth anyway.

2 – We DON’T want to help you through your last breakup.

We don’t want to be the one woman that rebounded you through. If you’re still talking about your ex, you probably shouldn’t be dating just yet. It’s okay to mention her briefly but if she’s coming up in conversation at least once per day, you have a problem. The solution is therapy or your male friends.

1 – We DON’T want you to fall in love with us in five minutes.

We get just as scared by early signs of the “L-Word” as you guys do. In fact, the premature “I love you” is about as sexy as Marmite on toast. It might be worth talking this over with a sensible and unbiased male and female friend before you go blurting it out… especially if it’s within the first few months. We aren’t saying that love at first sight doesn’t exist but honestly; what are the chances?

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