5 signs that he may want to leave you


It’s been some time now and you feel that your man’s head is elsewhere.

He always feels irritated, he’s always tense and he no longer looks at you like he used to before. You’re somehow unsure about his feelings for you.

You’ve got a million questions in your head, looking for clues to see if you’re right or wrong… You neither want to over-interpret some facts, at the risk of pushing him further away from you.

It can be frustrating because the majority of the boys have difficulty talking about their feelings and their relationship.

On the one hand, they won’t see the need to talk about it if everything is going fairly well and when things are not going at all, they won’t see the interest to discuss it because it’s over.

So when your boyfriend leaves you, you are still in shock because you did not see it coming. You hate him even more because he hasn’t told you anything to prevent you.

The truth is there are often small signs that (he may) want to leave you… If you find yourself in this situation doesn’t 100% mean that he’s ready to leave you, but it may be a good time to try and patch things over if possible.


1. He comes in (very) late from work

If he often comes late from work and that you suspect there should not be an apparent reason for him to come in late that often, then it might be a sign that the relationship is not going well or that he no longer has feelings for you.

Men have the tendency to escape their problems at work because it prevents them from thinking about you or feeling guilty.

It gives them a sense of control and the office will usually be the only place where he knows for sure you won’t cross paths.


2. He no longer takes you out (seeing your family or friends)

When you guys first started dating, he was impatient to introduce you to his best friends and family.

Now he no longer brings you to his dates with friends, takes you to romantic restaurants or bring you unexpected roses like he used to.

He needs time for himself to make a decision (the one to leave you) and to talk to his boys about what he should do.

Guys don’t really speak about their feelings, but will do with their true friends when they need to seek advice from those who know him best and have always been there for him.


3. He only discusses neutral stuff

He talks about what he ate at the restaurant, the weekend weather… But he avoids at all costs any talk about future projects or holidays.

He tries to avoid the most intimate subjects because he knows that soon, it will be over between both of you.

He’s distancing himself, he’s acting more often like a friend than a boyfriend and he shuts down more and more his feelings for you.

Plus if you try to bring up any memories, he’ll try to deflect the subject by talking about something else.


4. He’s physically distant from you

He no longer takes you by the hand, when you guys walk on the street. He no longer caresses your hair or holds your hand at the movie theater.

He’s being physically distant from you … because he no longer wants to touch you all the time like in the beginning.

He’s also afraid to be physically trapped to you… If he allows himself to touch you. Simply put, his body language tells you that his heart is no longer in it.


5. His text messages are different

In the beginning, he was sending you messages to tell you everything and anything. He used to text you to see how it was going, he wanted to know what you did, where you were.

He was complimenting you on your beauty, your intelligence, he shared a joke, a little smiley to mean he thought of you during the day or a message to wish you a good night.

Now he barely texts you, and when he does, it’s strictly “business”.

He no longer cares about you smiling… He no longer tries and seeks to conquer you.

This is a bad sign and it usually marks the beginning of the end.

If you do not see more than two signs among the 5 listed above, do not rush into hasty conclusions… Nothing is settled yet.

Admittedly it may not be the passion it was at the beginning but it doesn’t mean it’s over. Just make sure you do everything you can to salvage your relationship.

Mary Lafrance, writes and dishes dating advice on her blog DatingAdvice.rocks. Being passionate about relationships, she wants to help people live a life of love.

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