5 dating trends that desperately need to end in 2016

Some day, my adorable daughter will look up and sweetly ask: “Dad, what was dating like in 2015?”

Without flinching, I’ll reply that it was like a Will Ferrell film – mostly fun with a few annoying parts peppered in.

 Here are five features that made 2015 dating that tiny bit more frustrating.

These dating trends need to die faster than the typical New Years’ diet.


1. Netflix and Chill

‘Netflix and Chill’ experienced a rise and fall not seen since The Ice Bucket Challenge.

Starting off as the super-smooth excuse that a small subset would use to get girls into bed, it soon escalated into the mainstream.

 At the height of its popularity, the phrase had its own festival. The BBC encouraged TV licence holders to ‘iPlayer and chill’. Netflix and Chill condoms are now available.

Just like any clever catchphrase ever invented, it’s gone from smooth to humorous to horrifically over-used.

 The subtlety is long dead. Everyone now knows it’s code for casual sex. Some women now get offended if you suggest a Netflix and Chill session.

 Let’s give this phrase the peaceful death it deserves.


 2. Tinder teases

It was a disheartening year for Tinder daters in 2015.

Not only do we now have to pay to connect with all our potential partners, but recent stats suggested 42% of Tinder users aren’t even single!

We could wish for less Tinder time-wasters in 2016, but these trolls and teases appear to be part of the experience.


3. Ghosting

Ghosting describes the decision to delete yourself from a date’s life without even letting them know. You simply ignore all their texts and calls until they get the message.

What does it say about our society that this behaviour has been given an official phrase?

 It’s is the social equivalent of extra-slowly pulling a plaster from someone’s broken heart.

Everyone hates to be ghosted. Let’s grow some balls and start telling each other when we’re not interested.


4. Groping

Hundreds of Londoners spoke out against groping as part of The 2014 ‘Good Night Out’ campaign.

More needs to be done. It’s still going on.

Seriously, has this ever got anyone the girl? I’d imagine not. 

We need more people to report these perverts and stricter punishments for sexual harassment spotted by nightclub security.

5 dating trends that desperately need to end

5. Men being afraid to make a move

Are you leaving your love life to fate?

Stop swiping your phone and praying you’ll find the perfect woman.

Take control of your own dating destiny by having the bravery to speak attractive strangers.

Sasha Daygame, a dating coach who teaches men to conquer their social fears, says this will expand your options exponentially.

He said: “It becomes strikingly obvious just how few men have the audacity to ask a woman on a date in real life by the gleeful and often shocked reactions women give you when you do so. 

 “Even if they aren’t single or just not interested, the vast majority of women just thank you for making their day. And some (shock horror) are interested in meeting up – so it really is a win/win either way!”

 Here’s to a less frustrating dating scene in 2016.

Joe Elvin is the co-founder of www.thelondondater.co.uk - the website that sends 7 unique London date ideas to your inbox every Monday

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